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Fonts & Design Stamps

We have a variety of fonts to choose from for most of our designs. We also have Hebrew letters. 

We also offer a variety of design stamps. 

Line 1 - small heart, regular heart, wide heart, swirl heart, concentric heart, heart in circle, cross in heart, heart with wings, heart with arrow, double heart, double swirl heart, heart on moon, jar of hearts, word love, angel wings, heart with bottom swirl, mother and child, heart with keyhole, small key, lips, large star, small star, cloud and rainbow

Line 2 - peace dove, female lovebird, male lovebird, cute bird, double birds, sparrow, partridge, flying bird, small bird left, small bird right, bird in flight, owl, flourish, claddagh, shooting star, large key, wings, sprocket sun, radiant sun, moon

Line 3 - rabbit, zuni bear, butterfly, spider, small wishbone, apple, horseshoe, megaphone, lightning bolt, hand, sunflower, diamond, soccer ball, volleyball, tennis racket, running shoe, basketball, football, golf ball tee, baseball, large megaphone, soccer ball, crown

Line 4 - tutu, large leaf, small leaf, tiara, simple cross, star of david, cross outline, Christian fish, maltese cross, 3 leaf clover, bee, UFO, alien, fire, bonsai tree, ladybug, world, graduation cap, love letter, robot, pea in a pod

Line 5 - infinity sign, dragonfly, bell, music notes, Chinese symbol for love, Chinese symbol for happiness, house with heart, cup, cloud, trinity, music staff, peace sign, cupcake, guitar, Texas star, directional arrows, awareness ribbon, puzzle piece, shield, slice of pie, lotus flower, Ohm

Line 6 - bullseye, spiral, swirly line, fleur de lis, hot sun, finial, 3 spirals, waves, small spiral, skull and crossbones, grass, decorative end, one sided swirly line, anchor with rope, anchor, large diamond, small diamond, round flower, flower with stem, cat face, dog paw, dog bone

Line 7 - degree symbol, minute symbol, long straight line, short straight line, and sign, large circle, med. circle, small circle, bracket, oval, exclamation point, pound sign, question mark, comma, @ sign, asterisk, plus sign, small asterisk, square, bubble for speaking, cherries, large wishbone, book, Buddha, ice skate, Eiffel tower, large cross, sleeping cat

Line 8 - baby face, rocking horse, pacifier, teddy bear, diaper pin, boy face, girl face, angel with wing, snowman, top of snowman, stocking, snowflake, evergreen tree, Christmas Tree, Santa face, holly, ribbon, bell, pumpkin, menorah, decorated Christmas tree, stroller, fire hydrant

Line 9 - medical alert symbol, thumbs up, soldier footprints, corner design stamp, magic wand, three flowers, camera, hockey sticks/lacrosse sticks, rocket, pregnant woman, fancy tiara, camper, large shield, girl silhouette, boy silhouette, baby footprints, bottle

Line 10 - house, birdhouse, fancy horseshoe, monkey face, ASL I love you, fancy tree, tree stump, horse head, dandelion with wisps, airplane, large tree, kite, castle, bird cage, diamond ring, large ampersand, praying hands, aunt



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